You can book one of our government approved antigen tests to be sent on next day delivery to your UK address. 


Everyone that arrives into the UK will need to provide a negative antigen covid test certificate from an approved provider. This will be required to board your Flight/Train/Ferry back to the UK and will also inspected at border control in the UK. The test should be taken no more than 48 hours before entering the UK. Failure to do so will result in a £500 - £10,000 fine or rejection of entry into the UK. 

We have simplified the whole process making it easy for you to purchase your test before you leave the UK. Simply take the test with you abroad and perform it on the day before you travel back to the UK (usually the day you fill out your passenger locator form). This will give you peace of mind so that you can relax knowing that you have followed the correct procedure to enter back into the UK with no problems, make the most of your time away and do not have to look for a provider while you are away. 



Countries currently accepting 'Fit For Travel' antigen tests for entry include: Italy, Greece, France, Portugal, USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, UK. You will need to check your destination country testing requirements at the governement website HERE.

Order your fit for travel antigen test from the order form below and register it the day before you travel using the instructions provided in the confirmation email. Once the test has been registered, you will recieve your certificate within 10 minutes.


No Appointments! No Waiting! No Fuss!

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Return to UK

Valid to enter back into the UK

Order your test before you travel abroad and take it with you. Save time and be prepared for the journey back to the UK.. We do all the hard work!

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Immediate Results!

Certificate sent within 10 minutes

Simply register your test online and we will send your certificate to an email of your choice within minutes.

Easy Process!

We have simplified the process

Follow our super easy step by step instructions to ensure you complete the process with minimum fuss.


No Appointment!

Beat the queues

We will send your antigen test to your preferred address for you to complete in your own time, at your convenience.

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Make the most of your time away

While other people are frantically trying to find a test provider abroad to travel back to the UK, you will be relaxed and have everything under control.

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Easy Group Tests

One order for multiple people 

Order as many tests as you wish in the same order. Each test can easily be registered to the person of your choice, family or group.