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  • 93-97% accurate, Swab test to detect if you currently have COVID-19.

    85 British pounds
  • "Fit for Travel" PCR test. Results are given within 48 hours

    140 British pounds
  • 92-97% accurate. Test for current and previous COVID-19 infections.

    75 British pounds
  • 97% accurate swab test, results within 1 hour for current infections.

    140 British pounds

Results within 15 minutes

Results within 15 minutes

Results within 1 hour

Results within 48 hours

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Only choose Terminal 1 Airside or Signature Airside if you are a passenger or crew arriving into London Biggin Hill Airport and need testing on arrival. All other bookings should be made using the MANSI Suite Centre below.

The MANSI Suite, London Biggin Hill Airport, Main Road, Biggin Hill, TN16 3BN

G16 COVID-19 Testing

Tel: 0800 68 90909