Which COVID-19 test should I choose?

Travelling Abroad

Quick and Accurate

This test is accurate at around 99% and is the most common test at the moment. If you are travelling abroad, most countries require an RT- PCR test certificate in order to prevent quarantine on arrival. We would recommend this test if you require a PCR certificate for travel. Results are given within 48-72 hours and a certificate of negative results are generally required within 72 hours However some countries give . Your certificate will be emailed to you.

HOME TEST: We recommend ordering your test 7 days before travelling. Take the sample and send it back to our lab 3 days before travel.

TESTS AT OUR SITES: We recommend booking your test as soon as possible to secure your test slot for your flight. 



Accurate Micro-lab Test

RT-PCR Testing

Most Popular


ANTIGEN swab test

Our Antigen Lateral Flow tests are quick and accurate at 99% and are validated against PCR Tests. These tests are taken by nasopharyngeal swabs (up the nose) and will give results in 15 minutes. This test does not hurt, it just tickles slightly. These tests are perfect for anyone that needs to know quickly if they have COVID-19 such as visiting family, testing once per week for work, being COVID-SAFE for the return to work after an infection, emergency testing if you have been in contact with someone else that has tested positive, testing large amounts of people in a short space of time etc.

We give a certificate of results with every test, our certificates ARE valid for travel for countries accepting Antigen tests before arrival.


TEST AT ONE OF OUR SITES: Book your test online at one of our sites. If you are travelling to a country that accepts an Antigen test for entry, you can book an appointment 1-2 days before your departure and a certificate will be issued at the time of your test.


Have you had COVID-19?

Regular RT-PCR

Same day results RT-PCR


We offer LAMP testing which stands for LOOP-Mediated Isothermal Amplification. This method requires a swab to the back throat and a nasopharyngeal swab (up the nose). This method is 97% accurate and results are given within 1 hour. It chemically amplifies RNA/DNA by billions of times so that an accurate reading can be taken.


Our highly trained technicians will process the samples while you wait in your car. 


TEST AT OUR SITES: This test is only available at our site at London Biggin Hill Airport.



antibody iGg/igM test

Our Antibody finger prick blood tests are still the most accurate on the market at between 94-97%. Our antibody tests give results for IgM antibodies to diagnose if you currently have coronavirus and can detect the virus after around 6 days. IgM is the first antibody to be detected in the blood when the body fights a new infection however, we advise that if you want check if you currently have COVID-19, then choose the Antigen test and not this test. This Antibody test will also detect IgG antibodies to diagnose if you have already had coronavirus in the past and will detect previous infections up to around 90 days. IgG antibodies are the most common and are used by the body to prevent bacterial and viral infections. IgG takes longer to form than IgM and usually forms after infection or immunisation.

TEST AT OUR SITES: You can book your test online at one of our sites.