Updated 7/01/2022 (new rules)

Passenger booking reference number given immediately after booking
Do not get caught out by companies that send the booking reference within 48 hours of ordering.

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In order to enter the UK, you will need to book a UK arrivals test which will be sent to your UK address and needs to be performed on either day 2 (or before), or day 2 and 8 depending on your vaccination status. Before you arrive to the UK, you will need to have proof that you have booked your arrivals test by providing a Passenger Locater Booking Reference Number into the UK government passenger locator form which is completed within 48 hours of arrival. When booking our UK arrivals tests you will be given your Passenger Locater Booking Reference Number by ordering below. 

Updated 27/11/2021

If you are fully vaccinated: You may book a single RT-PCR test (below) and perform it on day 2 or before. The test is provided with full instructions on how to perform it and will give you results within 24 hours of receiving the sample back at the lab. You will need to isolate until you have received results. Any company claiming that they can give results quicker than this time is misleading and it cannot be achieved. 


If you are not vaccinated: You will need to take an Antigen test within 72 hours before you arrive to the UK. You will need to book a 2nd and 8th day test package below and perform a PCR test on, (or before day 2) and another PCR test on day 8.


No Hidden Fees
Accepted for new UK rules updated 27th November 2021


No Hidden Fees

UK Arrivals Test  - Simple Home Testing 

Fully vaccinated

Vaccination status

Isolation status

Which test do you need to book?

Not vaccinated (including single vaccination)

No Isolation needed

Isolation needed

DAY 2 Antigen Test - currently not available

Fully vaccinated

Currently accepted by UK rules

Isolation needed until negative results issued

All cancellations are non-refundable and reported immediately to UK government agencies for full investigation.


*Children 4 years and under do not need to take a test

If you have visited a high risk RED country within 14 days prior to arriving in the UK, you will need to follow the testing and isolation advice for RED LIST countries and cannot follow the rules above.

If you test positive on your day 2 antigen test, you will need to isolate immediately and apply for a government PCR test immediately..

- Day 2 tests mean you should take a test on (or before) the 2nd day of arriving in the UK

- Day 8 tests mean that you can take a test on the 8th day or after and will need to isolate until you receive the results for this test

- Day ZERO is counted as the day that you arrive into the UK. You may take a day 2 test on this day if you wish.

Before arriving to the UK you will need to fill out your passenger locator form (PLF) HERE. You will need to fill this in within 48 hours of arriving to the UK.

DAY 2 in-clinic PCR test - £15
DAY 2&8 in-clinic PCR test - £15
DAY 2 in-clinic Antigen test - Coming soon

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