We were the first company in the UK to offer COVID-19 Testing due to our background in testing for infectious diseases. We specialise in testing large amounts of people in a short space of time and have the infrastructure to facilitate your events.


G16 were amongst the first companies to be accredited by UKAS and approved by the UK government for General testing, Fit for Travel, Day 2&8 and Test to Release.

  • We offer every test required to stay inline with government legislations

  • We take care every step of the processes so that you can relax

  • Fast turn around for results and certificates will give you peace of mind

  • We work with some of the largest organisations in the world

  • 12 years experience in trade show and event organising

  • We can set up at your locations to offer fully streamlined testing services

  • Fit for Travel Antigen testing with results in 10 minutes

  • PAIN FREE RT-PCR Saliva Spit tests

  • Your own customised booking forms

If you would like to use the most experienced company in it's field then please get in touch with our events manager who will guide you through exactly how we can help.